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Amongst the crowd of new trekking and expedition companies sprouting every day, Seven Summit Treks has something of a history, and culture and experience that comes with it. With years of experience in catering to needs of our clients spread throughout the world, we now have thousands of satisfied customers who strongly approve of Seven Summit Treks. We have been standing out for our technical infallibility, excellent management and sincerity in providing services. Be it a trek across the vast stretches of rolling hills, or the expedition to the summit of majestic peaks, we are here to help you reclaim freedom and wilderness. Established back in 2066 BS, Seven Summit Treks has already aided a generation of nature enthusiasts to discover the bewildering beauty and the incomparable splendor of the Himalayas. And if you have cravings to get in touch with nature, dive deep inside its beauty and get back, rejuvenated, Seven Summit Treks and Expeditions welcomes you to Nepal.

We offer a wide range of services, and although we are based on Nepal, we already have a network spread in China and Pakistan. We have guides, Sherpas and leaders who have had years of experience tussling with nature and then befriending it. Their purpose is to facilitate your goal, whether it be mingling with nature, or conquering it. Be that China or Pakistan, they can accompany you anywhere and still provide service with the sense of confidence and delight. We are proud to acknowledge that, much like our clientele, our personnel are people who find pleasure in the wide embrace of nature. And it goes without saying that they keep the safety of our clients, their number one priority.

Seven Summit Treks has provided employment for hundreds of Sherpa people, who belong to an underprivileged minority caste in Nepal. This has brought about significant change in their quality of life. We feel a great sense of accomplishment for facilitating many young mountaineers to conquer mountains. We also feel proud in stating that many of the clients whose expedition was conducted by Seven Summit Treks were able to climb mountains above 8000 meters on their first attempt.

Today, Seven Summit Treks has developed a formidable reputation and has been gaining a lot of competition from international trekking and expedition firms. It is all but natural that we are being dragged in the mud while being guilty of nothing. But, this has led to some negative publicity of the company and some raised eyebrows. However, we don’t want to go on pointing fingers at certain parties who have tried to muddle the reputation of our company. It is understandable that, some parties aren’t really happy as we continue ascending towards the pinnacle of success. We sincerely request you to not to pay heed to any of such rumors and evaluate us only after gaining firsthand experience of our services. No matter what people blame us of, we are prepared and committed, as ever to fulfilling the needs of our widespread clientele. Both of us directors of Seven Summit Treks have had years of experience in mountaineering as we both have conquered all the 14 Highest peaks in the world. This organization being run by experienced mountaineers ever since the time of inception is a valid proof of the technical excellence of our organization. Presently, we not just possess the ability to provide our clients with what they desire but also to facilitate competing firms and agencies during dire times. We are frequently known to assist other treks and expedition agencies during times of distress, like providing helicopter for several rescue missions. We declare that we will continue to remain the number one organizers of expedition and treks in Nepal.

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Vvip Everest Expedition (8848 M) South East Ridge

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Below the different grades shown in the chart are explained in more detail.

For Expeditions

  1. Easy (E): Climb requires one-day climbs, or a multiday climbs with non-technical elements.
  2. Moderate (M): Either a serious one-day climbs, or a multiday climbs with some technical elements. Requires an average level of physical fitness.
  3. Difficult (D): Multiday climbs with some moderately technical elements. Requires an above average fitness level and high level of stamina.
  4. Hard Difficult (HD): Multiday, Highly technical climb. Requires high level of physical fitness and stamina.
  5. Very Difficult (VD): Multiday, Extremely technical climb. Requires very high level of Physical fitness and stamina.

For Trekking

  1. Light: Light walking and generally level hiking that is good for most fitness levels. During these trips, hill-walking experience is desirable.
  2. Moderate: Trek has various types of moderate to difficult terrain, including rough trails and normally 3 to 5 hours a day. Requires an average to above average fitness level.
  3. Moderate+: High altitude treks above 3000 meters or in fairly difficult terrain- normally 4 to 6 hours a day. Requires an above average fitness level and high level of stamina.
  4. Extreme: These high altitude treks or passes are known to be the most strenuous and has difficult terrain and conditions. These treks may require a degree of mountaineering skills and you capability of carrying on normally at an altitude of 4000-5600 meters. Daily walking is 5-8 hours approx.

Richard McConnell


Simply the best in the business.

We climbed Lobuche East, Manaslu, and Everest with SST. The quality of guidance, Sherpa support, training, and service was second to none.

Due to Covid, we had to combine our Lobuche and Manaslu expeditions, normally this would be a huge logistical nightmare for any other company, SST have the team size, logistic support, and experience to make this happen…. All of this was also done during the lockdown. We were in a unique position being a national team, we could isolate ourselves before travel and upon arrival in Nepal, we had no fixed timeline to meet and had the use of a military aircraft for travel so SST presented this to the Nepalese Government who agreed to use us as the test case and allow us to climb in autumn 2020 and see if it would be possible to open the Khumbu for the spring 2021 season.

Both Lobuche and Manaslu were a huge success, the basecamp and higher camp setup were fantastic, the staff was amazing throughout and it made us look forward to Everest.

Everest was even better, the training, trek, and climbing were fully supported, we didn’t have to ask for anything, SST fixed the ropes to the summit and planned our climb perfectly, and we were the first team to the summit on the first day of the first weather window… couldn’t have planned it any better. We felt fully supported and safe throughout!

We went for an all-inclusive package so booked all of our travel, insurance, kit and equipment, full basecamp and climbing service included, as well as a full 90-minute documentary made by their climbing camera team.

Overall an amazing company that I would thoroughly recommend to everyone, their experience, skills, reputation, and connections within all levels of government mean they can provide what others can’t…. Don’t always believe the hype around other companies…. They’re almost always on an SST permit, using SST Sherpas and base camp staff and use SST to set up their base camps, etc… around 50% of climbers on Everest in 2021 were on SST permits.